WAAT: Women's Association for Addiction Treatment

Board of Directors/Chapter Leadership

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jillian Greene, PsyD: President

Natanya Ross: Vice President/ Chapter Liaison

Amna Butler: Treasurer

Chanda Rankin, PhD: Operations/Co-Founder

Linda Gingras, LMFT, CADCII: Secretary/Co-Founder

Colleen Capistrano: Chapter Expansion

Alexa Helfert: Continuing Education

Marie Hills: Membership Services/ Admin

Chapter Leadership


Chicago Chapter on Hiatus.

Chicago West Suburb

Chicago West Suburbs Chapter on Hiatus.

East Bay

Chapter Leader: Clare Brown
Membership: Natalie Davidson
Speaker Coordinator: Monica Montoya
CE Coordinator: Michael Anne Conley
Hospitality: Kim Meggs
Social Media: Desiree Ferguson 

Los Angeles

Co-Leader: Lynne Biehl
Co-Leader: Michelle Lee
Membership: Dia Ja Rodriquez
CE Coordinator :Sydney Haupert
Hospitality: Caitlin Eccleston


Co-Leader: Denise Klein
Co-Leader: Anna Preston
Membership: Jaimee Gooley
Speaker Coordinator: Savannah Ganje
CE Coordinator: Savannah Ganje
Hospitality: Anna Preston
Social Media: Jaimee Gooley


Marin Chapter is on Hiatus.

Orange County

Co-Leader: Marni Luther
Co-Leader: Ariana Carbino
Co-Membership: Nicole Gonshor
Co-Membership: Marni Luther
Speaker Coordinator: RaeEllen Ellis
CE Coordinator: Melissa Holmes Goodman
Hospitality: Connie Shyng
Social Media: Kelli Easley


Co-Chair: Angelina Horn
Co-Chair: Monica Montoya
Membership: Barbara Field
Speaker Coordinator: Paula Seals
CEU Coordinator: Joanna Jullien
Social Media: Desiree Ferguson

San Diego

Chapter Leader: Tiffany Congelliere
Chapter Leader: Robin Lovell
Membership: Brooke Cianciotta
Speaker Coordinator: Robin Lovell
CE Coordinator: Emily Pellegrine
Hospitality: Elisa Quiros
Social Media: Emily Pellegrine

San Fernando Valley

Co-Leader: Amna Butler
Co-Leader: Natanya Ross
Co-Leader: Angela Carrillo, CIP
Membership: Kristi Kettle
Speaker Coordinator: Open
CE Coordinator: Open
Hospitality: Open
Social Media: Open

Santa Clara

Santa Clara Chapter on Hiatus.

Sonoma Chapter Leadership

Co-Leader: Open
Membership: Sylvie De La Cruz Vatinelle
Speaker Coordinator: Lynn Iovino
CE Coordinator: Krista MacKinnon
Hospitality: Shannon Clay
Social Media: Krista MacKinnon

Utah Chapter Leadership

Coming Soon.

Seattle Chapter Leadership

Coming Soon.

Member Spotlight

Colleen Capistrano


Colleen has been working in the field of mental health and addiction for over 15 years, and has devoted her professional life to helping individuals support their hopes for a sober, fulfilling lifestyle.

She received her Bachelor of Arts from Mount St. Mary's University in Psychology and Child Development. She is currently the Marketing Director at Ocean Recovery, a residential program that specializes in substance abuse and interactive disorders.

Colleen has worked inpatient care, as well as an Assistant Director of Intake/Admissions and Business Development both within the country and abroad.

Colleen also serves as a board member for the Women's Association of Addiction Treatment as the Marketing Director, as well as the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals Chapter of Orange County.